Out of Bondage

Gestur Þorgrímsson


Basalt, bronze

One of four works by Gestur Þorgrímsson that can be found in the town of Hafnarfjörður. The work was made in 1992, the same year as Gestur and his wife Sigrún Guðjónsdóttir, artist, better known as Rúna, had a great retrospective exhibition of their works in Hafnarborg. The institution acquired the work, which stands proudly to the south of the museum building. The unrefined basalt columns and the smooth bronze enter into an interesting dialogue with the work’s surroundings, where rough-hewn, natural stone, dark curb stones and light stone slabs form a circle around the sculpture. Finally, the poetic title of the work causes the mind  to wander, perhaps sparking visions of stone giants and thoughts of the unimaginable energy lying deep within the earth underneath our feet.

Sculptor Gestur Þorgrímsson was born in Laugarnes, Reykjavík, on June 27th in 1920. Gestur studied at The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts in 1944-46 and the Royal Academy in Copenhagen in 1946-47. In the Fifties, he was a popular entertainer, as well as putting together a number of radio shows in that era. When the Iceland College of Education was established, he worked there for the most part until 1984. Gestur was also active as an artists throughout his life. Once he retired from teaching, he dedicated himself completely to the creation of art, mainly that of sculpture. In addition to Gestur’s public artworks in Hafnarfjörður, Hafnarborg holds five other works by the artist in its collection.